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Heard About food-rush? With food-rush! you can play various types of music, from beautiful Piano, Guitar songs to Rock and EDM masterpieces.
Frankenstein is the important festival for Hindus around the world. light up your festival with this "frankenstein-go"
Unravel the love story of Funny Fred - cut, strategize, and pave the way for true love in this physics-based puzzler! Funny Fred is a captivating game that blends the thrill of physics with the magic of love. Starting each level with Fred hanging by a rope, it's up to you to make the right cut, setting him free to reunite with his beloved hiding in a castle. But it's not just about snipping ropes! With obstacles like fierce dogs and helpful cats, the sequence of your cuts makes all the difference. Will you free the cat to fend off the dog, or will you risk it all? Each decision demands logic, strategy, and a touch of romance. So, grab your scissors and help Fred find the love of his life in Funny Fred!
Join one of the largest free online gaming communities and enjoy an all-new free multiplayer experience, competitive leaderboards.
Jump, double jump, and survive in Go Around - the ultimate stickman looping challenge! Go Around invites you to a thrilling 2D world where you control a stickman on an endless loop. Your mission? To jump and double jump over obstacles while marking your trail on the loop. Each complete circuit not only scores bonus points but also ramps up the difficulty, making each round an exhilarating challenge. Stay sharp and agile to survive as long as possible, pushing your reflexes to the limit. How many rounds can you conquer in this looping adventure? So, lace up your virtual sneakers and leap into the action-packed world of Go Around!
Roll into endless fun with Green Ball – a thrilling 3D obstacle adventure! Green Ball invites you into a world of exhilarating 3D challenges! Here, you're in control of a vibrant green ball, navigating through an endless obstacle course. Swerve left, dash right, and leap into the air with trampolines, dodging obstacles that come your way. Every move counts in this high-speed journey. As you progress, the course gets more challenging, testing your reflexes and precision. How far can you go? It's not just a game; it's a quest to beat your own best score and rise to the top! Gear up for the roll of a lifetime with Green Ball – your adventure awaits!
Shoot, score, and soar in Gun Spin - the ultimate recoil-based shooting game with explosive action! Gun Spin is a high-octane game where you harness the power of gun recoil to take down enemies and hit explosive barrels. Every shot matters, with a bonus wall segmented into multiple areas, each offering massive score multipliers. Dare to hit the smallest area? It boasts a whopping x1000 multiplier with a dazzling rainbow hue! As you journey through over 1000 thrilling levels, accumulate score and cash to upgrade your arsenal. With different guns offering varied shooting behaviors and recoils, the challenge always feels fresh! So grab your gun, and let's make every shot count in Gun Spin!
Mow, maneuver, and master the endless track in Lawn Mower - the ultimate 3D lawn mowing challenge! Get ready to take control in Lawn Mower, a 3D endless game that's all about precision and timing! You're in charge of a lawn mower, navigating a winding track filled with obstacles. Press and hold to move along the path, but be ready to stop on a dime - one wrong move and you'll face destruction from the menacing wheel chasing you. Master the art of moving and stopping at the right times to advance further and further. It's not just about mowing; it's about surviving in a world where even a lawn mower can feel the thrill of the chase! So, are you ready to take the Lawn Mower challenge and see how far you can go? Start your engines and let the mowing begin!
Moto X3M is back and in this sequel you'll definitely get wet! Try to beat 22 summer-themed levels as quickly as you can. Race through giant underwater tubes, get catapulted into the air, avoid spiky obstacles and perform crazy stunts for bonus time. Don't worry about crashing - you can always start from the latest checkpoint, but you lose valuable seconds. So try to complete each track in one go to win all 3 stars at the end of a level. Unlock cool new bikes, put on some swimwear and join the pool party fun!
Master the art of matching in Pair Up 3D! Dive into the captivating world of Pair Up 3D, a game that transforms matching pairs into an exhilarating 3D experience! Each level greets you with a vibrant theme and an array of unique objects scattered around. Your mission? To find a specific number of pairs within the time limit. But here's the twist - exceed the target and you'll be rewarded with bonus points! These points are your ticket to unlocking exciting mini-games, each one putting a creative spin on the classic pairing mechanic. The more you play, the more you unlock, leading to endless fun and challenges. Get ready to embark on a match-making adventure like no other in Pair Up 3D - where every pair counts!
Cards games. Play the classic solitaire puzzle game from GSN games alone or play with friends when you collaborate through our Friend Center Challenges and win free coins!
Get in gear for Parking Rush, the color-matching, line-drawing car parking puzzle game that revs up your brain! Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Parking Rush, a top-down puzzle game that tests your strategic thinking and spatial awareness. With a fleet of colored cars and matching parking slots, your task is to draw paths to guide each car to its spot without crashing. The challenge accelerates as multiple cars start simultaneously once all lines are drawn. With numerous levels to conquer, Parking Rush will keep your mind racing and your heart pumping! So hop in and be the best car parking puzzle master out there!
Minesweeper for Android is the best version of the classic mines game! Play minesweeper free on your Android device! The classic game, just like you remember for free!
Sneak, strategize, and solve in Peet Sneak - your ultimate stealth adventure! In Peet Sneak, you step into the shoes of Peet, a sneaky character on a quest for the most sacred of sanctuaries - the toilet in a locked room. This isn't just any stealth game; it's a test of patience, strategy, and timing. Navigate through shadowy corridors, collect keys to unlock doors, and outsmart guards by sneaking up on them or finding clever ways to avoid their gaze. Control Peet with simple clicks or holds, guiding him to his destination while collecting items and solving puzzles along the way. Can you help Peet find his moment of peace in a world filled with obstacles? Dive into the shadows and embark on Peet's stealthy quest for inner peace in Peet Sneak!
Dive into the high-pressure world of Pipe Puzzle - where every twist saves lives and every turn counts! Pipe Puzzle plunges you into a gripping challenge of intellect and speed. Rotate the pipes swiftly to create a flawless conduit, letting the water flow to save trapped souls. As you progress, levels intensify, demanding not just a twist, but strategic placements of new pipe parts. But be warned, time is your enemy! When the tank overflows, it's game over. Can you keep your cool and save the day? So, are you ready to twist, turn, and tackle the most exhilarating puzzle of your life in Pipe Puzzle?